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Saturday, January 13, 2007

post sumfin..

ello, i figured i'd post sumfin that i aint' gonna post anywheres.
1st up is the greyscale/colour comparison of this 6 pager i did for an Anthology that's done w/ a few Enter Void artists and such.

Am a HUGE fan of Chris Sanders work ,a d as you can see w/ this example it's sort of an homage to his style in a sense.

Page 03-

now here's a pic of sumfin, which won't be used coz i drew him 'wrong'.
i hadta redraw him for the final one, so what you see here is the un-used version.
Funny, coz i based the size and look from the Animated movie and from MAD!'s cover illustration for the comic, but i guess those were 'off' or sumfin.. 'sall good.
They liked the new one.

un-used illustration-

yeppers, more CHAMBlog exclusives of sorts..


Sunday, January 07, 2007

NEW new NEW year

good new year to all!

anyway this is jst a slightly different version to that i jst posted over @ my DA page

it's fanart of sumfin which is gonna be a collab between a mate of mine.

have a good one!