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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sparrow and Wenches up close

the faces upclose!



eugene commodore said...

sweet dude

Howard Shum said...

Super nice!


Dude, great work on them all!
I like your lineart a lot, you are a fucking master, but what i always get goose bumping is the colour do you get such colours that it looks like a movie it were just gonna i explainning correctly? he he he
i guess no...well maybe you know what i mean.
I´ve seen some progress that you´ve upoaded in wich we could see how you work, i will check and let´s see if i realize how to.

( =_=) best regards Chamba!

Pusha V said...

I was this on your da page. Nice job!

Saigonradio said...

Shame pirates wasn't any good. This piece is though.

Anonymous said...