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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where the heck have I been?

So yeah, I've been absent for about 3weeks or so?
what the heck happened to that whole 'daily post' thing i was supposed to do.
So yeah, to make it short, my Comp died, and now I have a new comp.
pretty much it.

What fails heavier than that is that due to my computer absence, my art-schedule's now been pushed back. So pushed back that all my plans for the upcoming cons have now been put on hold.
(that and I really didn't draw at all during that absence)

here's a list of things I had planned to get done before the Comp-death:
work on #08 (lines and colours)
Colour up pages for the 24page RandomVeus character artbook
Draw/Colour Otakon Prints (DBZ/One Piece/TTGL/Pokemon)

Post-Comp-death things that are done/has to be done
work on #08 (lines and colours)
Draw/Colour Otakon Prints (DBZ/TTGL/Pokemon)
(One Piece being a group shot hadta be cut off the list due to time constraints)

So yeah, looking at the list now you'll notice that the RandomVeus character artbook and the One Piece print hadta be cut off the list. Unfortunate, but something had to be cut, and we know there's no chance that #08 will be (since that's Top Priority) so yeah, it had to be the artbook. shame.


romantogob said...

glad your back :D

joverine said...

welcome back bro-was wondering where you disappeared to

Eric said...

Good to have ya back. Can't wait to see your stuff.

Mauricio "Prozacc" Menares said...

sorry about the comp and greetings for the new one!!!

great to se you back its weir to navegate trough my favorite sites and not seeing any "chamba one"

nice to have you back on the road!