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Friday, December 15, 2006

more Sinbad Preview


so what I had planned for this was to show a process thingo of page 05 from the Sinbad book i'm workin on, but since i haven't yet finished pencilling the pages, that means i haven't yet begun colour work.

so anway.. i was gonna show the process thingo from original pencils to the line-levelling to the coluor holds to colours etc.. but yes, this be only the lines for now.. i will show the colours too.. but obviously at a later date..

anyway this is how this is.
1) this is a raw-scan of the page w/ only the last panel drawn.As you can see, the base lines are very very faint. That is because i draw my base lines using a 4H pencil.

2) Here is that same scan from step 1) now levelled to show exactly what those faint lines look like. Here you can see how loose my base-lines for thepage is. You can also see the borders of the panels.

3) Here is a rawscan of the page of the foreground chaarcter/objects. Recently i've been working with the process of beginning all my pages w/ the foreground characters, then moving onto the Background once the foreground is complete. This process works for me, so i use it.

4) Here is basically what the page then looks like w/ the backgrounds now drawn in.
This page has also been 'levelled' in Photoshop as a step for my pre-colour preperations.

and that's it!


eugene commodore said...

Hey man I didnt know you had a blog, I'm a have to link you up on mine.

Roc said...

nice work. . . paint it up!

Toshinho said...

Hey Chamba, thank for sharing the process and the break down. It's truley inspiring to see your pages man!:)

I have this real high expectation on your Sinbad book and good luck!

Mattias said...

Impressing stuff, love the pencil sketches

ANX said...

Happy belated birthday man. Sorry if you get this twice, my Blogger's being a bastich.

Shikaru said...

hey, you have a blog!
putting you on my link thingy if I remember to.

Andrew Cramer said...

Awesome! I hope I can get this in SA! Linking you to my blog asap!

Jon T said...

Awesome, if you could do more processes, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Jon T said...

Awesome, if you could do more processes, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

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