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Thursday, December 07, 2006

new blog... shit that aint posted anywhere

Hello Hello.

This be Chamba, Jeff or Jeffrey to some and this be the blog where i'mma post some random things that i won't post on Deviantart.

so yeh, why have this page?.. mainly coz i feels like it, but mostly coz i'd also wanna post stuff which i might not wanna post on DA.

i kno, it's pretty lame-ass reasoning, butche'.

so anyway, what i'll post now will be a wip of that 'Untitled50' piece i posted a day or two ago on DA.
jst started a few ago, hopefully i'll get it finished in a bit.

yeh.. i might post a few others things in a few minutes.. other non-DA posted images..


Anonymous said...

Hello Jeff,
I love all the pieces, especially the sketches. Keep rockin'!

patricio betteo said...

welcome, blogger

i'll bookmark this place, so i can visit ur super art here too.
huge kudos.

Anonymous said...

tight! yo chamba! this is jun. my DA page is:

nice to know that you're into bloggin' too and that your DA page's still kickin'. mine's dead. i'll be droppin' by to check on your kick-ass stuffs here.

and i'm diggin' the header btw. you rock man! in filipino(tagalog)... Astig ka!

out. :D