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Monday, May 11, 2009

10th of May. . .

Although technically the 11th as I'm typing this.
So No 'personal' arting was done today.
for shame on me.
Although not too bad seeing as I didn't state I'd be drawing daily, but posting on the blog daily.

So today was Mother's Day. Had lunch at my Brother & Sister-in-law's joint. Great lunch!
Got me mum some perfume (her choice) All good.

But anyway as stated no personal arting done, Just a mere continuation of Pagework for SFIITubro #7. Currently in the colour stages. (Colour Flatting is LAME)

Am constantly distracted tho, with DA, chatting on IM's, Ebay and watching movies.
What's worse is that If i weren't so easily distracted I probably would've finished this page already and sketched something out. but NoOoO.. . I had to be so easily distracted.
Tis a curse I reckon.

So anyway, I'm pretty much gonna treat this previously neglected Blog as a DAILY update on the going's on. With some art (if i do anything up on that day) or whatever really (pretty much rants of the day and what nots).

so yeah, No art today.
We'll see how tomorrow goes.

*back to colouring this background I go*