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Thursday, May 14, 2009

yep, you guessed it

Another explosion.
last one for now, I promise!

this one's an underwater explosion, from above water. mmhmmm

ALSO if you haven't noticed, I actually drew (yep I drew today, feels good drawing again) the banner to this now-not-so-neglected blog, WOOT.

On other news, I think my net's gonna be capped within the next few days.
Totally weak!

Whatever I guess.
also I hope to draw tomorrow!


Teuvo Heikkila said...

yep i can dig it. i used 20 gig in 4 days and some how have to make the last 500 meg of my cap last the rest of the month. damn pizzacats and batman torrents :$

joverine said...

this ones my fav of the bunch
also your list is lacking very important linksauce ;)
hint...joverine blog
just sayin'

ANX said...

Dude...seriously?! These explosions are incredible. Your FX art is always bafflingly good.

Marc McCabe said...

really cool! :D i love to see a giant sea monster emerge out of there now :D or just tentacles flying out of the explosion, thatd be cool! great work

Adam Lucas said...

slick ass banner...nice a water cactus...very cool.